Kristin M. VanCamp

    Kristin M. VanCamp

    Valued Team Realtor since 2021

    MD LIC# : 617391
    PA LIC# : RSR005505
    WV LIC#: WVS210301669

    Meet Kristin M. VanCamp: Valued Team Realtor, Serving PA – MD – WV
    Realtor Since: 2021, Team Realtor Since: 2021

    Kristin is a returning agent to the real estate world, having taken a sabbatical to be a wonderful mother and raise (4) children, (1) girl and (3) boys. Now that they are off on their own path of adulthood, Kristin has returned to dominate the local real estate market!

    Kristin grew up in Southern Maryland around the Chesapeake Bay / Patuxent River region. She has been a local resident of the Tri-State area since 1999 and currently is a resident of Washington County, MD. Although away from the water region, Kristin is still fully connected to nature in her off time! Her hobbies include kayaking, boating, white water rafting, scuba diving, hiking, camping and just being in the beauty of nature.

    Kristin believes that homes are the “center of one’s universe” and through that belief she feels finding the right match between individual and home is the utmost important part of her career. Kristin is loving the element to this career that entails new connections, communications, and developing new relationships with a diverse sector of individuals. Kristin strongly feels that when you do what you love, it is truly not work and that is how she feels about her service in real estate to the local community.

    As a proud member of The Ashley M. Miller – Your Home Hero – Team, Kristin carries and applies the same core values of the Team; hard work, integrity, honesty, diligence, and outstanding customer service into every transaction she takes on. When Kristin isn’t making home ownership and real estate dreams come true for her clients, she enjoys spending time with her family down by the river or just being one with nature in any way!

    Kristin is excited and full of boastful energy, ready & willing to cater to all of her unique clients in any way in which they need! No matter the adventure, Kristin is here to serve her clients with any PA, MD, or WV real estate need!