Rocio B. Young

    Rocio B. Young

    Team Realtor

    MD LIC#: 5006626
    PA LIC#: RSR004574

    Meet Rocio B. Young: Valued Team Realtor, Serving PA & MD
    Realtor Since: 2021, Team Realtor Since: 2021

    Real estate has always been a big part of Rocio’s personal and professional life; she has experienced the variance in diverse cultures of living as she has traveled around the Nation. As a military spouse of an active-duty soldier, now Veteran, for almost 20 years, Rocio and her family have had the experience of being uprooted every 3-4 years to new geographical locations throughout the globe. These experiences offered Rocio the opportunity and first-hand involvement of knowing the needs of a culturally diverse buyer / seller / tenant that depend and rely on the guidance of a professional, such as herself. Having that ability and will to help clients with their planning, preparation, and understanding of the buying / selling process indeed leads our clients to their dream home or next real estate chapter in life!

    Rocio is fluent in Spanish and bonds The Ashley M. Miller Team to the Latino community, serving all needs with the best attention and careful understanding of steps and processes.

    Currently, Rocio is a resident of Greencastle, PA with her husband and three children. Family time is near and dear to her heart and Rocio juggles the complexity of home and business schedules very well. This family understanding is what ensures she caters to your family needs, as it is understood life can be full of family demands and not much time to tackle them! Adventures always call to Rocio, so there is nothing that she will not conquer or strive to succeed at.

    In her professional life, Rocio also has about 10 years of experience working under the umbrella of commercial real estate business. Now, with more focus on the residential side of real estate, Rocio hopes to boast less of the business side of dealings and speak more to the fond family hunting of that perfect new chapter called “Home.”

    As a proud member of The Ashley M. Miller – Your Home Hero – Team, Rocio carries and applies the same core values of the Team; hard work, integrity, honesty, diligence, and outstanding customer service into every transaction she takes on. Rocio will work hard to meet any real estate needs for her clients and will go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction for all.

    Name Pronounced: “Row-See-O”