Selling a Home

Thinking of selling a home?

In an ideal world, you would list your home, quickly get a profitable offer, close on it and hand over the keys – but that is rarely the case. In the real world, things are a bit more complex, and the home selling process requires some effort.
No problem, Your Home Hero is always here to help.
Let’s look at the steps required for selling a home the right way.

Hire Your Home Hero

The first and best thing you can do to sell your home the right way is to hire Your Home Hero as your real estate agent. We provide the highest level of dedication, honesty, and professionalism to all our clients, new and old.

We are experts in the PA and MD real estate market, who can help you get the best possible offer on your home. We will inform, guide and help you through the entire process and make it as easy as possible.

Price Your Home

A home will only sell for however much a buyer is willing to pay for it, which is why we are determined to get you the best offers with the most optimized and efficient way, starting with pricing. We will give you a detailed comparative market analysis (CMA) report.

It will show you details of recent listings in your area that are similar to your home. You can use this to price your home in a way that will get the best offers in the fastest time possible.

Create a Timeline

Creating a timeline helps better visualize and manage the home selling process. Here is a sample timeline.

  • De-clutter your home ASAP
  • Consider a home inspection and get the necessary repairs 2 to 3 months before listing
  • Deep clean your home, stage it properly and get professional photos a month or two before listing

We will guide and help you through each process but creating a timeline helps do it in a timely manner that suits your needs.

Prep & Stage Your Home

Prep requires deep cleaning your home. You can do this yourself or we can provide a professional – either way, your home needs to be spotless, de-cluttered and ready for staging. Next, we will stage your home in a professional manner for showings and a photo session for listing.

Strategic staging can be key in enticing great offers. If buyers can envision living in your home, you instantly start getting worthy offers.

Consider a Home Inspection

A home inspection helps identify health and safety issues before buyers demand repairs for them. It also creates a good image of you in the eyes of buyers and expedites the selling process. This is an investment worth the money.

You do not need to fix everything but major problems need to be addressed to save time and money later on.

Negotiate Offers & Close

Once the offers line up, which they will, we can negotiate the terms and offers together with the buyer of your choice. The buyer will get a home inspection done, negotiate repairs and close the deal.

This is where your inspection and repairs help you save time and money. You can show them the repairs that have already been handled and not lose further time and money on them.
That’s it, once the buyer signs off, you can hand over the keys and your home is sold.

Put Your Home on the Market & Start Showings

We will list your home once you decide to put it up on the market and start showings. Typically, it is best that you are not present for the showings because it helps buyers be more open about their concerns and intentions.

This is not a hard rule but you can relax knowing that Your Home Hero will always be there to represent your best interests.

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    Selling a home is a much easier real estate process when you have Your Home Hero by your side.