As you prepare your home for selling in the new year, it is important to note that only 12% of home buyers get brand-new houses, while the remaining 88% choose pre-owned homes. This means the odds aren’t bad if you plan on selling a home in the new year.

After all, people want to kick off a year with a new beginning, like purchasing a home. As long as you plan well, you’ll get that buyer in no time. Read on to know the five ways to prepare your home for selling this coming 2023.

1. Inspect and Note the Areas That Need Repairs

Start by going through the bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balcony, and all other areas in your house. Look for damages that require repair. This includes wearing such as nicked or cracked tiles, busted light bulbs, toilet leaks, and faded paint.

Take note of flaws that affect not only the functional and structural aspects of the house but also its overall aesthetics. After all, 56% of young people belonging to the millennial and gen-Z generations prefer homes that are visually pleasing.

Once you’re done listing, allocate the needed budget and set a schedule to make the repairs.

2. Clean and Sort Out Home Clutter

To attract buyers, you must make your home as pleasing and presentable as possible. Messy areas like cluttered kitchens or laundry rooms can deter potential buyers. Take the time to clean your home and throw away trash and other useless items. Moreover, make sure the things inside closets, cabinets, and other containers are properly sorted.

3. Conduct Standard House Maintenance

Just like when you sell a car, you should also conduct any necessary maintenance procedures in your home before you put it on sale. Since you’re planning to sell the house early next year, winter maintenance should be your focus.

Check your air filters and replace them if they’re already clogged or damaged. You should also clean your HVAC systems — especially your heater. Heating systems make up 41.5% of energy consumption in U.S. households, so home buyers look for clean and efficient heaters that mitigate electricity costs. Moreover, make sure the alarm systems — like smoke detectors — still have good batteries.

Checking for any door or window drafts is also good since some buyers can be particularly nit-picky.

4. Buy Needed Items in January

After conducting inspections and maintenance checks, you’re sure to find a couple of things that need replacing like broken furniture or scratched tiles. Buying early and taking advantage of New Year sales promos will allow you to save on costs.

5. Prepare the Necessary Documents

Apart from preparing your home, you also need to prepare all the necessary paperwork. Gather your estate’s title and tax documents, as well as the manuals and warranty papers of included appliances. Talk to an experienced real estate agent to make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork for a smooth sales transaction.

Final Thoughts as you Prepare Your Home for Selling in 2023

From making initial inspections to securing essential paperwork, there are a couple of steps you should take before selling a home. If you’re searching for a reliable Pennsylvania real estate agent that can provide you with more assistance as you prepare your home for selling in the new year, look no further. Your Home Hero, the Ashley M. Miller Team, is the real estate partner for you. Visit our site for more details.